Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phil Restifo - OC beverages, Erection Beverage Company

Mr. philip Restifo has been in the wine and spirits industry for over 35 years. Philip Restifo holds many trademarks and has been involved with many national brand spirits. Executive consultant to more than 15 Public companies.

Mr. Phil restifo currently is a major stock holder in OC Beverages, also as  the wine and spirits consultant for distribution and logistics. Mr. Phil Restifo carries all state and federal liquor licenses for the buying, selling, and distribution of all wine and spirits. Products owned by Philip Restifo are Baronoff Vodka, Erection Vodka,Erection Rum, and Erection tequilla. Owner of Data Commodities Spirits division.

Overview of Data Commodities Spirits

To establish Data Spirits as  “America’s Premium Private Label Spirits Company”, and to set a new standard in the Spirits Beverage Industry.

Our company will bottle and distribute alcoholic beverages within the United States. We are having our premium spirit brands such as Baronoff , Ying Yang, DuBe Hemp Spirits, Erection, King of the Well’s and our unique Private Label concept, rectified and bottled.  

We plan to target the Las Vegas market and the Southern California market first, then roll out by high consumer consumption states until we have obtained national distribution.  

The distillery industry includes about 80 companies with combined annual revenue of $6 billion. Major U.S. companies include Brown-Foreman, Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Barton Brands, and Heaven Hill Distilleries. The top 25 companies account for 80 percent of the revenue. Small operations can compete effectively by specializing in high-end or unusual spirits. (BevNet)

In the spirits industry, marketing and advertising costs are dramatic due to the high proliferation of brands. With our Private Label, the brand name is that of the well established Five Star Retailer.

The Company has strategic agreements  in place to manufacture and bottle our Spirits beverages. This allows the Company to focus our resources on our marketing.

The Company has arranged for sports personalities and social networking to promote its niche branded Spirits.  Eric
     Dickerson, NFL Hall of Fame player, has signed an agreement with the Company.

With our Private Label, DCS can virtually eliminate marketing and advertising costs; thus the Company has a larger gross margin for delivering a superior product in a superior container.